About us

TheWatchers Prayer Ministry, founded by Juliana Tolulope Akinbami is an online Christian platform that connects people from different countries all over the world. The main modes of communication are via emails and WhatsApp.

At The Watchers Prayer Ministry, we bridge the gap between your desire to pray and the time it would take to craft the prayers in your heart. We do these by preparing relevant Holy Spirit Inspired prayers that you would like to pray for your family, nation and business and career. We also pray for the Government, Church and other pertinent prayer points as led by the Holy Spirit.

In addition, we believe that faith without works is dead so we put action to our faith through the different expressions of the ministry

Weekly Watchers – Being part of a community of like-minded individuals we hold each other accountable to prayer. The prayer points are sent out every weekend – Friday to be precise. There are two categories of subscribers to this: firstly those who decide to take full accountability and be a part of one of 12 existing WhatsApp groups to pray every weekend. Secondly, those who pray at any time during the week.

Watchers Connect – A business and career network of individuals with the sole purpose of being excellent at what we do reflecting Christ and ruling in the market place.

Watchers Wellness – We conduct monthly workshops that address the total wellbeing of the Self which is in line with the scripture that prays for us to prosper even as our souls prosper. This means that wellness has to be wholesome for us as children of God.

The Family Harnessers – We believe that the family is the smallest, most effective unit of the body of Christ. Hence, through multiple workshops we address the different issues that affect the family dynamics from relationships to family businesses to health, and anything that would harness the family bonds.

Ontario Christian Online Academy – The Christian academy conducts short courses to help the growth of the individual. Through these courses, we aim to build in relevant skills necessary for Christian living as well as day-to-day life.

The Watchers Prayer Ministry is open to every Christian who subscribes to any of the platforms.