The Eleventh Hour Workers

By Pastor Juliana T Akinbami


1. Latecomers 

In the parable of the eleventh-hour workers, found in the Gospel of Matthew 20:1-16, the latecomers are those who are brought into the workforce towards the end of the day.

Latecomers in the Context of Faith

In the context of people who come to faith later in life, the eleventh-hour workers symbolize the boundless mercy and love of God, who welcomes all into His Kingdom irrespective of the time of their arrival or the duration of their service. This parable disrupts the human logic of fairness based on merit and replaces it with a divine economy of grace.

We see many examples in the scriptures:

The Thief on the Cross (Luke 23:39-43)

One of the strongest examples of a “latecomer” is the repentant thief crucified alongside Jesus. In his final moments, he recognizes Jesus as Lord and asks to be remembered in His kingdom. Jesus assures him that he will be with Him in paradise, illustrating that it is never too late to turn to God. Whether, this is a prayer for yourself or a loved one, be comforted that it is never too late.

Saul of Tarsus/Paul the Apostle (Acts 9:1-19)

Saul was initially an adversary of Christians but had a dramatic conversion experience on the road to Damascus. Despite being a latecomer to the faith, Paul became one of its most ardent advocates, writing almost half of the New Testament.

Let us pray the heart of our Father for latecomers to the faith.


(remember to pray for your family members.)

Gracious Heavenly Father,
I come before You today, humbly acknowledging Your mercy and the depth of Your love for me. As I reflect upon the challenges of being subject to criticism in my journey of faith, I seek Your wisdom and guidance.Lord, I admit my human tendency to view fairness through the lens of effort and time. There have been moments when I’ve judged based on my limited perspective, struggling to grasp the fullness of Your grace. Help me remember that Your kingdom operates on principles of grace and mercy, far beyond my understanding.

Guard my heart, Lord, from harbouring resentment, especially when I see Your grace extended to others. Keep me from feelings of entitlement, self-righteousness, or any exclusionary attitudes. Instead, help me to celebrate every soul that turns to You, recognizing that we all stand before You by grace alone.

In times when my faith is tested by criticism or opposition, fortify my spirit. May my trust in Your justice and grace remain steadfast, even when faced with misunderstanding or scrutiny. Help me to remember that Your ways and thoughts are higher than mine.

Teach me, O God, to embrace everyone with the same love and grace You have shown me. Let me be a beacon of Your love, ever ready to share the message of Your inclusive grace that welcomes all, no matter their past or when they come to know You.

May my heart continually reflect the love of Jesus, who came not to condemn but to save, and who has shown me the true meaning of divine love and grace. I pray this in the powerful name of Jesus Christ, my Savior and Redeemer.

2. Willing to Work

Despite the late hour, these workers are still willing to work in the vineyard. Anything could have prevented them from coming to the vineyard, after all, this was the eleventh hour. They still chose to go no matter how late.

The Four Friends of the Paralyzed Man (Mark 2:1-12)

The friends of a paralyzed man were willing to go to great lengths to bring him to Jesus, even digging through a roof to lower him into a crowded room. Their determination and willingness to act on behalf of someone else resulted in the man’s healing and forgiveness.

Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch (Acts 8:26-40)

The Holy Spirit directed Philip to approach a chariot carrying an Ethiopian eunuch, who was reading the Book of Isaiah but not understanding it. Philip explained the scriptures to him, leading to the eunuch’s conversion and baptism. V 36 shows the willingness of the Eunuch to be baptized.

How willing are you to seize opportunities and take the necessary actions for what you want?

Willingness in the Context of Faith

Readiness to Serve: The willingness of these latecomers to work, even for a short period, suggests a readiness to serve God. It implies that what matters is not how long one has been in service but the quality and sincerity of one’s commitment to God, however late it may come.
Divine Timing: The parable shows that God’s timing is different from human timing. It is never too late to respond to God’s call. The latecomers weren’t idle because they didn’t want to work; they were willing but hadn’t been given the opportunity. This could signify that God’s call can come at any stage in life, and what is crucial is our response to that call.
Gratitude and Grace: The workers are grateful for the opportunity to work, even for just an hour. Their willingness is rewarded by a generous master, reinforcing the concept of grace—that the reward of eternal life is a gift from God and not something earned through long years of labour.
being proactive in identifying and encouraging potential service among new members.Pray

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come before You with a grateful heart for the many blessings You have bestowed upon me, and an earnest desire to serve.

Father, let Your Spirit infuse me with a readiness to serve, mirroring the willingness of the Ethiopian Eunuch not only to learn but to be baptized. May I seize the opportunities You present, regardless of the timing, and act upon them with eagerness and faith.

Lord, I recognize that Your timing transcends my own understanding. Remind me, O God, that it’s never too late to answer Your call to service. Help me to understand that willingness isn’t measured in the years spent in Your vineyard but in the quality and sincerity of one’s commitment to You. Grant me the discernment to identify those who are prepared to serve but have not yet found the opportunity, especially among new members of our community, that they, too, may find joy in Your service.

I am thankful, Lord, for the privilege of serving You, however short or long the time may be. This is the day of Your power, and I am willing to serve. Allow me to serve as a vessel of Your grace, eager to do Your will, always cognizant of the immense grace that You have poured over me.

I offer this prayer in the precious name of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

I lift my hands in warfare against every spirit of delay, distraction, and discouragement that prevents me from serving wholeheartedly. I break every chain hindering my spiritual growth and zeal to serve. I command every spirit of procrastination and confusion to flee, and I declare that my timing will align with God’s divine appointments.I declare fervent commitment to God, irrespective of the season I’m in. Amen.

Personal Development and Education

When it comes to personal development, the eleventh-hour worker’s attitude teaches us that it’s never too late to learn a new skill, embark on a new career, or pursue further education. People often limit themselves based on age or past failures, believing that the time for growth and development has passed. Never! However, just as the eleventh-hour workers were willing to labour even when the day was almost over, so should we be willing to embrace learning opportunities at any stage of life. God’s grace ensures that the late starters still receive the full reward of their efforts. Amen.


In the context of relationships, especially when it comes to marriage and family dynamics, the parable offers a narrative: that it is never too late to mend broken relationships or start new ones. Your marriage can be revamped and renewed. It is not too late for that son, daughter or loved one to start a family.
And if you are considering marriage at an older age or adopting a child later in life, your willingness to invest in these relationships can still yield a bountiful emotional harvest, similar to the full-day wage given to the eleventh-hour workers.


Heavenly Father,

You are sovereign over my life, and You keep opening endless opportunities for personal growth and relational well-being.

Lord, inspire in me a burning desire for personal development and education, even if society or my own thoughts tell me it’s too late. (if you did not listen to Ayo Megbope during our last time-out, you missed)

Click Here for the session.

Break the chains of self-imposed limitations and fill me with the zeal of the workers who joined the vineyard at the eleventh hour, confident and willing to contribute despite the lateness. Grant me the courage to learn new skills, explore new avenues, and continue my education at any stage of my life, knowing that Your grace will reward my earnest efforts.

In marriage and family dynamics, help me to carry the same spirit of willingness into my interactions with my loved ones. Teach me, O God, that it’s never too late to mend broken ties or venture into new relationships. May my willingness to invest emotionally and spiritually in my relationships be met with the grace that only You can provide.

Father, as I strive to be more willing in both personal and relational aspects, let me not forget that it is Your grace that makes all things possible. Whether I come early or late to the arena of personal development or relationships, let me always be grateful for the chance to grow and love under Your watchful eye.

I offer this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. Amen.
Now, I confront every demonic force blocking my path to personal development and harmonious relationships.

With the authority in the name of Jesus, I command the breaking of self-limiting chains and declare an outpouring of zeal and enthusiasm in my pursuits.

Every stronghold that speaks against late beginnings or mending broken relationships, I pull you down in Jesus’ name.

My personal growth and relationships are under the anointing of God’s favor, and no weapon formed against them shall prosper. Amen.

3. Trusting

They agree to work without negotiating a wage upfront, placing trust in the owner’s fairness. This could be analogous to people who trust in God’s grace and justice, even without a full understanding of divine rewards.

Matthew 20: 7 They said to him, ‘Because no one hired us.’ He said to them, ‘You also go into the vineyard, and whatever is right you will receive.’

We are expected to trust in God, even in the absence of full understanding or assurance of specific outcomes. We see instances of men and women in the scriptures who exemplify this trust by obeying God’s instructions or following a divinely ordained path without clear knowledge of what the rewards or consequences might be. Here are some examples that elaborate on this attribute:

Abraham (Genesis 12:1-4, Genesis 22)

One of the most prominent examples of trust is Abraham. God called him to leave his home and go to a land that God would show him. Later, he was even willing to sacrifice his son Isaac, believing that God was faithful. Abraham had no explicit promise of what the immediate rewards would be, only the assurance that God’s plans were for good.

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego (Daniel 3)

These three men were willing to be thrown into a fiery furnace rather than bow down to King Nebuchadnezzar’s golden image. They trusted in God’s deliverance but declared that even if God did not save them, they would not compromise their faith.

Trusting in the Context of Faith and Everyday Living.

Faith in Divine Justice: The workers’ willingness to trust the landowner’s fairness mirrors the faith that we place in God’s justice and grace. We don’t need to know the exact details; we trust that the Master is good and just.
Surrender to Divine Will: Their trust could also be seen as a surrender to the will of God, relinquishing the need to control outcomes.
Contrast to Legalism: The act of trusting without upfront negotiation contrasts sharply with a legalistic approach to faith, where we have an entitlement mentality.


Lord, just as the workers believed in the fairness of the landowner, let my faith be steadfast in Your justice. May I be ever reminded of Matthew 20:7, where the promise is made that whatever is right, I will receive. I need not understand the intricate details of Your divine plan; I only need to trust that You, O God, are good and just in all Your ways.
Whatever is right I and my family will receive.(Present any pressing matters before the Lord trusting that God’s righteousness will deliver to you and your family whatever is right).


Father, grant me the strength to surrender my need to control outcomes and to place my complete trust in Your divine will. Let this surrender not be a sign of weakness but a testament to my unwavering faith in Your infinite wisdom. In moments of doubt, guide my heart back to the simple trust exhibited by those workers, trusting that Your plans for me and my family are always for good.

Abraham, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego walked in faith, not needing a clear sight of the end but holding onto the certainty that You are forever faithful. I aspire to embody such trust in my daily life, knowing that while I might not have all the answers, I serve a God who is the epitome of justice and grace.

(this is a good place to intercede for that family member whose faith is shaking due to many issues)

My Father help me to step away from a legalistic approach to faith and instead let me embody the essence of grace, knowing that it’s not by my works but by my faith and trust that I am saved.

Today, I bring before You the concerns of my heart and the needs of my family. Not with a sense of entitlement but with the trust that as we seek Your face, You will bestow upon us what is just and right. As I present these pressing matters, may my heart remain steady confident in Your righteousness and unwavering love.

Lord, deepen my trust in You each and every day, and may my faith ever reflect the pure essence of grace and divine justice.

I pray this in the name of Your beloved Son, Jesus Christ.
I rise against every spirit of doubt, fear, and anxiety that tries to shake my trust in Your justice.

I stand firm against every deceptive scheme of the enemy. I declare that my family and I are under the covenant of Matthew 20:7, and we will receive what is rightfully ours.

Every spirit trying to lead me towards a legalistic approach to faith, I bind and cast you out.

My trust in God’s justice remains unshaken, and my faith reflects His grace and righteousness. Amen.

To God be the glory, we have come to the end of this weekend watch. You can complete it by joining in live for communion or watching the replay.

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Here is the declaration for the week ahead


  1. “In the face of challenges and criticism, I declare that the wisdom and guidance of the Almighty envelops me. I am rooted in His love and mercy, and I am not shaken by the voices of the world.”
  2.  “II  declare that my heart is shielded from harboring resentment or feelings of entitlement. In every moment, I rejoice in God’s grace extended to all, recognizing the unmerited favour we all receive.”
  3.  “When my faith is tested, I declare my spirit remains fortified. My trust in God’s justice and grace stands unmovable, even in the face of misunderstanding.”
  4.  “I am a beacon of God’s love, ever radiant and shining. I declare that I will embrace all with the same love God has shown me, without bias or prejudice.”
  5.  “I declare that the Spirit of God fills me with readiness to serve. I seize every divine opportunity, knowing that God’s timing is perfect.”
  6.  “I rebuke every spirit of self-imposed limitations. I declare a burning desire for personal growth, education, and the breaking of chains that tell me it’s too late.”
  7. “I declare God’s sovereign grace upon my relationships. It’s never too late to mend or forge ties, and I approach every relationship with an open heart, under God’s guiding hand.”
  8.  “With unyielding faith, I declare that my trust in God’s justice remains steadfast.
  9.  “I rise and declare that no spirit of doubt or fear can shake my trust in God’s justice. Every scheme of the enemy falls flat against the shield of my faith.”
  10.  “I stand firm on the promise of Matthew 20:7 for me and my family. We are bound by God’s covenant, and I declare that we will receive all that is rightfully ours in His time.”I make these declarations in Jesus’ name, Amen.