Irresistible Kingdom – It Has Been Given To Me Know

By Pastor Juliana T Akinbami


Matthew 13:11 He answered and said to them, “Because it has been given to you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it has not been given.

In this verse, Jesus responds to his disciples’ question about why he speaks in parables. He explains that they have been given the privilege to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but this understanding has not been granted to everyone.

Here, “the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven” refer to the spiritual truths about God’s reign and the principles of the Kingdom of God. These are truths that were previously hidden or not fully revealed, and Jesus, being the Son of God and the Messiah, had the authority to disclose these hidden truths to his disciples.

The statement implies that knowledge and understanding of spiritual truths are not automatically accessible to everyone. It requires a heart that seeks truth and a willingness to follow and learn from Jesus. The key factor here is faith and openness to receiving God’s revelation.

Mark 4:33 And with many such parables He spoke the word to them as they were able to hear it. 34 But without a parable He did not speak to them. And when they were alone, He explained all things to His disciples.

Verse 34 further highlights that Jesus reserved more detailed explanations of the parables for his disciples when they were alone. This indicates that Jesus was willing to give additional insight and explanation to those who were earnestly seeking to understand and follow him. The disciples were like students who received personalized instruction and guidance from their teacher to deepen their understanding of spiritual truths.

The last part, “And when they were alone, He explained all things to His disciples,” indicates that Jesus took time.

We need to spend more time to gain an understanding of Kingdom life. Parables speak about the Kingdom. Many of the parables in Matthew begin with “The Kingdom of Heaven is like …”. Yet Jesus did not explain these parables to the public but to those who really wanted to know. Do you want to know?

Father, I desire the truth. Your Word is truth. I am willing to learn and to follow after Jesus. Jesus, You instructed us to learn from You. My heart is open to learning.
Give me additional insight and explanation of the Kingdom of Heaven. Let it not be a mystery to me.
In You, the veil is removed. Therefore, I declare, It has been given to me to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven.
Matthew 13:16 But blessed are your eyes for they see, and your ears for they hear;
I declare my eyes blessed for they see and my ears blessed for they hear.

I take authority over every power that blinds the truth. I bind you in Jesus’ name,
I take authority over every power disrupting and intercepting my understanding of the principles of the Kingdom of Heaven. I render you powerless over my life by the power in the name of Jesus.


Matthew 13:1-9

Matthew 13: On the same day Jesus went out of the house and sat by the sea. And great multitudes were gathered together to Him, so that He got into a boat and sat; and the whole multitude stood on the shore.Then He spoke many things to them in parables, saying: “Behold, a sower went out to sow. And as he sowed, some seed fell by the wayside; and the birds came and devoured them. Some fell on stony places, where they did not have much earth; and they immediately sprang up because they had no depth of earth. But when the sun was up they were scorched, and because they had no root they withered away. And some fell among thorns, and the thorns sprang up and choked them. But others fell on good ground and yielded a crop: some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty. He who has ears to hear, let him hear!”

Cultivating Good Soil in Our Lives

In the parables of the kingdom of heaven, Jesus often used agricultural metaphors to convey spiritual truths. One such parable is the Parable of the Sower, where Jesus speaks of a farmer sowing seeds on different types of soil. As we delve into this parable, we discover that the soil represents our hearts, and the seeds symbolize the Word of God. Just as a farmer must cultivate good soil to yield a bountiful harvest, we, too must cultivate our hearts to receive and nurture the Word of God in our lives.

1. Prepare Your Heart 

Cultivating good soil starts with preparing our hearts through prayer and meditation on Scripture. We must be intentional in creating a fertile environment for the Word to take root and grow.

This involves removing any rocks or thorns that could hinder its growth. Just as a farmer clears his field of obstacles, we must identify and remove anything that distracts us or chokes the Word in our lives, such as worldly desires, negative influences, or unhealthy relationships.

I uproot anything that distracts or chokes the Word in my life (pray for your family) in Jesus’ name.
I uproot everything that is making the Word of God not bear fruit in my life in Jesus’ name,

2. Regular Nourishment
Cultivating good soil requires regular nourishment. We need to water our hearts with the living water of God’s Word and feed them with the spiritual sustenance of prayer and fellowship. By immersing ourselves in Scripture and spending time in communion with God, we ensure that our hearts remain receptive and fertile for the seeds of truth to flourish.

As I spend time in pray in the Word and in fellowship, my heart is fertile for the seeds of truth to flourish.
There is a wealth of evidence that God’s word dwells in me richly, and I am bearing the fruits of righteousness.
The Word is working in my life and that of my family
There are tangible pieces of evidence in my life that the Word is working, and it cannot be denied.

3. Tend to the Growth
Cultivating good soil involves tending to the growth of the seeds planted within us. We must actively engage with the Word, allowing it to transform our thoughts, attitudes, and actions. This requires a willingness to surrender our own desires and align ourselves with God’s will. Just as a farmer diligently tends to his crops, we must diligently cultivate a life of obedience and surrender to God’s Word.
Heavenly Father, I acknowledge the profound wisdom in Your Word. l am grateful for the seeds of truth You have sown within me, seeds that carry the potential for great transformation and growth. Today, I seek your divine guidance and grace to cultivate the good soil of our hearts.

Lord, I recognize that tending to the growth of these seeds demands an active engagement with your Word. May I not be a passive listener but an eager doer of Your Word.  My heart and mind are open to receiving the depth and beauty of your truths, allowing them to take root within me and bear fruit in my life.

Just as a farmer works tirelessly to nurture his crops, I pray for the strength and commitment to tend to my spiritual growth diligently. Help me to remove any stones of doubt or distraction that hinder the growth of Your Word in my heart. I weed out the thorns of worldly desires that threaten to choke my spiritual progress.

Father, I surrender myself entirely to You, acknowledging that Your will is far greater than mine. As I cultivate the soil of my soul, I willingly let go of my selfish desires and submit to Your divine plan. Give me the humility to accept Your wisdom, even when it challenges my own understanding.

Lord, may the transformation of my thoughts, attitudes, and actions reflect the beauty of your character. Let my life be a testimony to Your love, mercy, and grace. Help me to be a shining light to those around me, inspiring them to seek Your truth.

Thank You, Lord, for the privilege of being your child and for the guidance You provide as we cultivate our lives in obedience to Your Word. May my heart always remain fertile ground, ready to receive the seeds of Your wisdom and love.

In the precious name of Jesus, Amen.

4, Transformative Power
By cultivating good soil in our lives, we open ourselves up to the transformative power of the kingdom of heaven. In prayer, we align our hearts with God’s kingdom purposes. Through prayer, we invite the Holy Spirit to work in us, breaking up the hardened ground, uprooting weeds, and cultivating a heart that is receptive to God’s Word.

Heavenly Father, I come before you with a heart that longs to be a fertile ground for your truth and love. I recognize the importance of cultivating good soil in my life, so I may experience the transformative power of your kingdom of heaven here on earth. Help me to understand and apply Your Word so that it may take deep root within me and bear abundant fruit.

Lord, I desire to align my heart with your k\Kingdom purposes. I surrender my will and desires to Yours. May Your Word become the foundation of my thoughts, attitudes, and actions, guiding me to live a life that glorifies You in all things.

Holy Spirit, I invite You to work in me. Break up the hardened ground within my heart, where doubts and fears have taken root. Uproot the weeds of worldly distractions that hinder my intimacy with you. Cultivate a heart that is receptive to your Word, ready to receive your guidance and wisdom.
In times of uncertainty and challenge, may prayer be my refuge and strength. Help me to draw closer to you through your Word and prayer, finding comfort and reassurance in your unfailing love.

Thank you, Lord, for the privilege of communing with you through prayer. I am grateful for the transformative work you are doing in my life. May my heart be a fertile ground where your truth takes root and flourishes.

5. Abundant life
As we embrace the process of cultivating good soil, we will experience the abundant life Jesus promised. Our relationship with God will deepen, and we will bear fruit that glorifies Him. Let us commit to understanding the kingdom of heaven and cultivating good soil in our lives so that we may unlock the fullness of God’s kingdom in our hearts and in the world around us.

As I embrace the process of cultivating good soil in my life, I pray for the abundant life Jesus promised. May my relationship with You deepen, and may my life bear fruit that glorifies You. Help me to understand the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven and to cultivate good soil. May the fullness of your kingdom be unlocked in my heart and in the world around me.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Give thanks to God for today’s Watch. I intended to cover three parables, lol I was surprised I could only do one. God is good,

Let’s declare:

  • I remove all distractions and obstacles that hinder the growth of God’s Word in my life.
  • My heart is receptive and fertile for God’s truth to take root and flourish.
  • I am open and eager to understand the principles of the Kingdom of Heaven.
  • I water my heart with God’s Word and feed it with spiritual sustenance through prayer and fellowship.
  • I seek daily communion with God, drawing closer to Him and His wisdom.
  • The Word of God is at work in me, bearing abundant fruit in every aspect of my life.
  • I actively engage with God’s Word and surrender to His divine plan for my life.
  • I am diligent in cultivating my spiritual growth, faithfully tending to the seeds of truth within me.
  • I humbly accept God’s wisdom, even when it challenges my understanding.
  • I open myself to experience the transformative power of God’s kingdom in my life.
  • I invite the Holy Spirit to work in me, breaking up any hardened ground and uprooting weeds.
  • My heart is fertile ground, receptive to God’s Word, and ready to bear abundant fruit.
  • I declare that I walk in the abundant life promised by Jesus.
  • My relationship with God deepens daily, and I bear fruit that glorifies Him in all I do.
  • I commit to understanding the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven and cultivating good soil in my life. The fullness of God’s kingdom is unlocked in my heart and in the world around me.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.